Real-time current and historical foreign currency exchange, crypto, & commodity rates is a simple and lightweight service for current and historical foreign currency, crypto and commodity exchange rates. Reliable forex rate and easy-to-integrate API with support for 154 world currencies.

What we are

Data pulled from Banks and Financial Institutions is made available to individuals, financial analysts, and applications

Financial Analysts
Financial Analysts
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Let The Numbers Talk API is an API service for real-time and historical foreign currency exchange, crypto, and commodity rates

forex currencies

years of historical data

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Why Us

The reasons to choose us as your partner

Ultra Fast and Reliable has been designed and tested to handle thousands of requests per second. Also constantly monitored.
Easy-to-integrate API
Delivered in portable JSON format for maximum usability, ease of integration, and compatibility with any of your applications.
Powerful, reliable JSON API
The API comes with guaranteed availability, scalable volumes and responds within milliseconds.

Trusted Sources
Currency data delivered and sources from financial data providers and banks.
Currency Conversion Endpoints
API also comes with separate endpoints for single currency conversation and Time-Series data.
Developer Focused
Helpful documentation, high uptime, and fast support. Very easy to implement.
Frequently Asked Questions
What is is the API’s uptime? is a REST API that is a service for current and historical foreign currency exchange rates, commodity prices, and crypto rates

The API’s system status is closely monitored around the clock. Every effort is made to ensure the highest possible level of availability and consistency, and we are proud to have an average uptime rate of nearly 100% (99.9%) throughout the last 12 months.
How is the exchange rate data sourced?Rate Limits
Exchange rate data is aggregated from several banks and financial reporting institutions.

There are no rate limits. Please use freely.